Blueberry Pancakes

My Mom always made pancakes on Saturday or Sunday morning. A tradition I have continued to this day. Over the years I've settled on Sunday mornings as the most relaxed day of the week to sit down to pancakes. Blueberry pancakes were always our favorite when I grew up. We had five beautiful blueberry bushes beside the patio and we children were often sent out to pick fresh berries. Picking was easy because the berries were big, easy to pull off the bush, and they didn't squish eachother! Blueberries are hard to come by in Montana so I buy a flat of northwest berries every summer at the super market and freeze them for winter delight. I also use gooseberries (tart but delicious!) or raspberries.....or simmer something delicious like peaches to pour over the top.

Whole Grain Gluten Free - Blueberry Pancakes
                                                  (alternate sugar, dairy, and egg free options included)

Whisk together dry ingredients until well blended
   2 T yellow flax meal               (fresh ground in a coffee grinder used only for grinding grains)
   3/4 c plus 2 T millet flour      (fresh ground in a coffee grinder used only for grinding grains)
   1 T evaporated cane juice    (date sugar for sugar free)
   1 t baking powder
   1/2 t guar gum                      (available from Bob's Red Mill)
   1/2 t salt
   1/4 t baking soda

If using frozen blueberries mix them into the dry ingredients and let them thaw a bit
   1 c blueberries, or more if you like!

Whisk together wet ingredients
   1/2 c yoghurt                        (alternate yoghurt for dairy free)
   1/2 c milk                              (alternate milk for dairy free)
   2 T melted butter                 (walnut oil or other mild, sweet vegetable oil for dairy free)
   1 extra large egg                   (egg replacer for egg free)

Combine wet and dry ingredients stirring gently until well mixed. Add more liquid for thinner batter if desired. Gluten free grains tend to spread on the griddle however, so I usually keep my batter thicker than I would have when using wheat flour.

Use 1/4 c measure to scoop batter and pour onto hot griddle. Cook on both sides until crisp, golden, and done in the middle.

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