Crepes with Yoghurt and Fresh Strawberries

Gluten free crepes were a challenge this morning since I used yoghurt instead of milk in the recipe. They fell apart!.....we couldn't roll them up. But they were delicious as were the fresh picked strawberries, and yoghurt made of whole milk from our local biodynamic dairy.

Crepes.....for two

Whisk together and set aside
2 T golden flax seed meal
6 T fresh ground millet flour
1 T evaporated cane juice or sugar
1/4 t guar gum
dash of salt

Whisk together
3/4 c milk (bovine, goat, or cashew)
2 eggs
1 T mild flavored oil or butter

Whisk wet ingredients into dry
Batter should have the consistency of thick whipping cream
If necessary, add a little millet flour or milk to adjust

Heat 8 inch cast iron skillet
Add pat of butter and heat until butter sizzles
Pour 3 to 4 T batter (1/4c measuring cup is useful here) into pan and tilt in several directions until batter spreads to the edges of pan
Cook on one side until the top of the crepe no longer has any sheen
Turn and cook on the other side, briefly, until browned
As each crepe is done, place it on a plate covered with a light kitchen towel
Serve warm or at room temperature
Fill or top with fruit, soft cheese, yoghurt, chopped nuts....anything you can imagine!

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