Clearing Clutter

When I was studying Feng Shui, my teacher said often said,"Clutter mates in the night"! She also said, "As a culture, we suffer from 'affluenza'".

Several years ago, when my husband and I lived in a one bedroom condo. I reduced our possessions to just what fit into the unit and promised myself that for everything I brought into my living space, I would take another out. But after several months of unconsciously collecting more things, I realized I had completely forgotten my promise and the place was filling up!

Now I use the tradition of "spring cleaning" to clear my closets and shelves of unwanted and unneeded things. I'm always utterly amazed at how much I've managed to accumulate since my last clearing out. But I'm always happier when I have lightened up my world of possessions. For me, emptying a closet is like emptying the mind.

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