Cat Condo

Pardon the "fish eye" lens effect.  I find this scene so funny and the only way I can share it is by patching two photos together. We have three outdoor cats whose job it is to keep the small rodent population at bay in the gardens, chicken coops, and sheds.  They do a great job.  They also provide a considerable amount of humor.  Feeding time is always particularly funny and sometimes nerve racking as they jockey for position.  Parvati insists on eating on top of the condo so she doesn't have to rub shoulders with the boys.  She's famous for glaring and hissing at them.  On the other hand, she can be also be found lounging on the top shelf while one of her housemates sleeps in a condo below.  Each condo has two plexiglass windows so the residents can keep a watchful eye on various feline comings and goings.

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