Voles, Moles, Field Mice, Pocket Gophers, Columbian Ground Squirrels

I have never faced a season like this one. We are beset with every small burrowing, garden munching creature in our neighborhood. I've had seedlings mowed down, small starts and maturing garlic pulled down into the ground and eaten from below, onion greens looking like they've been sliced by a knife, huge mounds of dirt piled here and there among my struggling plants. The only thing they haven't shown a preference for is radishes (above) which they've mangled instead of eating to the ground.

We've been busy destroying habitat, setting traps, pouring various concoctions here and there, throwing up our hands, and looking at eachother dumbfounded. I'm about to put out the rest of my starts and some new seeds. Maybe we've disturbed their kingdoms enough to guarantee plant survival. A serious look at outdoor cats and chickens tilling a divided garden are high on our radar.

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