Daphne odora. At least that's what my Mother calls it. I really don't know what it is. I just know that right around the time the crocuses arrive, it fills out with beautiful, fragrant purple blossoms. The only color in an otherwise starkly brown garden. Of course, if I had cut back the winter stems from the plants surrounding it......it would be ever so much more glorious.....and sharing space with little bits of emerging green. But I am a fair weather gardener at heart and winter has kept a steady grip on things. Just two days ago there were three or four inches of snow. So the Daphne has to poke through the winter veil surrounding it to share its glory. What a delight to see it's beautiful color and smell it's sweet scent on my way to the greenhouse.

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Hannah said...

I love it!
I hope you sell those, I want to buy one of those plants!
Looking froward to spring and some sunshine! looking forward to heading your way and cutting flowers...it seems like a long way off.